CS LABS Data Recovery tool & software compatible with Seagate HDDs FW-FXR DfS FileChecker SATA

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(as of Feb 21,2019 00:02:06 UTC – Details)

This listing is offering TWO data recovery tool kits that can offer solutions on firmware issues of all SATA Seagate HDDs (compatibility confimed on up to 3TB drives) together with one (1) FileChecker by CS labs post data recovery software full licence. *FW – FXR This kit solves the common issue that 7200.11 drives have with their OEM firmware and make them to lock up into busy (BSY) state. The drive seems to work properly but it is not recognised by Windows or at the BIOS. This kit will unlock the firmware and get the drive back to working condition. This way not only you will be able to have your data back but you will be able to use your drive in the future. *DfS Diagnostics for Seagate (DfS) is a powerful diagnosis tool for failing or failed SATA Seagate Hard Disk Drives, aiming to data recovery. It can be used on every Seagate Hard Drive (7200.11 , 7200.12, DM003, LP series, DM001 ES series etc) Apart from diagnostic functions, it provides firmware functions that can be used by experienced technicians to solve many common problems found in Seagate drives, that prohibit access to the data. The condition of the heads, the distribution of bad sectors or sectors pending reallocation and read speed per head, are presented in a graphical form, speeding up diagnosis. Furthermore, functions such as correcting capacity problems, translator problems, testing sector accessibility or disabling background functions prior to drive imaging, or viewing boot-up drive terminal messages, can provide a solution in many failed Seagate drives cases, without the need for expensive firmware data recovery equipment. *FileChecker FileChecker by CS checks the quality of recovered files and gives the user three options 1. Damaged files are automatically marked / renamed 2. Damaged files are automatically deleted 3. Damaged files are just reported. DfS compatible drives include models : ST3000DM001, ST2000DM001, ST1500DM003, ST1000DM003, ST750DM003, ST500DM002, ST320DM000, ST250DM000FW-FXR and DfS are the only complete kits on the market providing not only the USB adapter but also all needed accessories (HDA connector masks and screwdrivers) and dedicated software (works on Windows XP, Vista, 7) and step by step instructions in order to complete the repair of your HDD.
Considering that Seagate HDDs give a great number of firmware issues practically half of Seagate data recovery cases can be recovered directly with proper use of the toolkits.
Features:Check Heads Condition. Check Bad/Reallocated Sectors per Head Record and View Boot-up Seagate Terminal Messages Fix 7200.11 Busy Bug Correct Zero Capacity Error Get Drives-Firmware-Temperature Information Test Read Speed per Head
The Kits include: 1 X DfS and 1 X FW-FXR USB adapters which connect HDD with the computer (color might be different than the one in the photo). 2 X HDA connector masks (100% made out of recycled matterial from laptop LCD panels) 2 X USB FLASH sticks with drivers, software and instructions for Windows XP (sugested), Windows Vista, Windows 7 2 X screwdrivers 2 X container boxes.
DfS can help you recover up to 80% of Seagate HDD data recovery cases (with the aditional usage of data recovery software). Practically all common firmware issues (that not require component replacement) can be repaired with proper use of DfS.If the drive has other issue DfS will help you recognise it and through the head diagnostics feature the technitian can decide if he will try to recover the data with some software or imager or if he should outsource the drive to a more advanced laboratory.